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I remember when my wife and I got married, she was absolutely ecstatic when we had finally received our wedding photos.

As we pulled up our wedding photos to view the slideshow, I remember her having a huge smile, but suddenly the look on her face changed to disappointment as we got towards the end of the slideshow, the part where the photographs are mostly just me and her. After the slideshow was finished, I asked why she had that look on her face, and she said, “You know… I just didn’t like the way our photographer posed me for the portraits. I just don’t think I look flattering in those angles and poses.”

What a disappointment...

As a photographer myself I thought I have failed her! I know how to pose my couples and know where to photograph them from an angle where its most flattering to them, but I couldn’t do it for my own bride :( Imagine, that one day in your life where you’re in the most beautiful dress, excited to photograph with the one you love, but not be happy with the way you are posed in the portraits.

Hmm… From that day on, I realized and made sure it was my mission to make sure all of the brides and couples I work with are happy with the way they look in their photographs. Sadly, a lot of photographers don’t understand that it’s not just about the the beautiful compositions, location, and image quality. Though those are all important, posing is an art and a big part of making sure the bride and groom look absolutely dazzling on their wedding day and engagement session.


And I came across this study that mentioned, that close to 40% of brides had regrets when it came to their wedding photos.
“Wow!” I thought to myself.
I couldn’t believe that percentage was so high! I started digging deeper to really see the reasons why these brides we’re unhappy, and heres some of the things I found…

1. “Our photographer edited the photos like it was done with an Instagram filter, didn’t deliver what we expected .”

2.  “He just really didn’t seem to know what he was doing! Lack of communication, He didn’t guide us during the photo session and we’re just standing there, awkwardly!”

3. “She only captured moments of my husband and I, but did not take photos of our entourage and the traditional shots with our loved ones. That was really disappointing.”
                                               And thats just the tip of the iceberg…

I take pride in my work, and after seeing almost half of the brides out there are unhappy with the results they were getting from other so called professional photographers, I couldn’t help but be proud of what my couples have said about me since 2011.

Like Diana and Joey who said, “Jay is simply AMAZING! He took both our engagement and wedding pictures. During our photo sessions he made us feel comfortable and captured the REAL us, as a couple, and it definitely shows in the images he took. Off the bat he also makes you feel like you have known him for years. If you are looking for a photographer book him! You won't regret it!”

It was such an honor to give them and many others this kind of experience.

I’m Jay. Award Winning Traveling Wedding Photographer (Local in Los Angeles, California).

Now I'm going to share with you my guide to making you look best in your photos and have no regrets about your special day.



No one's face is perfectly symmetrical and while I'm sure both sides of your face are gorgeous, you probably have one you like a bit better (even if you don't yet know it!). Take some selfies and practice posing in the mirror with your face tilted in each direction. Once you know your 'best side,' always pose with your best face forward."


When posing with your fiance, imagine you have an imaginary line coming out from the tip of your nose and eyes, you always want those imaginary lines crossing making an X. Meaning you never want to look directly at each others eyes nor point your nose together. Why? It looks cheesy and fake! Instead turn your chin slightly to the side or downwards or close your eyes, it gives your portrait a more candid and authentic look. Nose and eyes making an X

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Heres a general rule to making yourself look great in any photo, look towards the light. If your photographer isn’t aware of this, be conscious of where the light is coming from and always make sure to point your nose towards that direction. The shadow creates a natural contour on your face which makes you look like a super star! Don’t believe me? Try it out! Thank me later ;) Example of how light shapes the face and body


Keeping the arms away from the body is one of the best kept secrets to getting a flattering image, when your arms are smushed against your torso, they make your arms look wider than they actually are. One of the key poses is to put the arm closest to the camera on your hip to accentuate your waist and slim your arm. Just be sure to tuck your elbow so it's pointing behind you and not out to the side. Feeling very posed? Just make sure your arms are lifted ever so slightly off your body or hold the person's back next to you to conceal your arm altogether.” The next time will help you overcome the feel of being too posed… Create a gab between your arms and body

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Give yourself a reason to keep your arms away from your body, I find that the best way to do it is to grab hold on to your bouquet or grab your vail or dress. I usually have my bride grab a big chunk of dress and lift it up to the hips to create a natural gap between the arms and body…

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Smile like you do in real life. If the photographer cracks a joke, laugh! Thats what normal people do (Unless your photographer isn’t funny at all) Don’t be conscious about laughing and showing teeth, if you have a good photographer they know exactly when to snap the photo and get the best candid shot of you laughing and having a good time. Just Laugh! Don’t look mad bruh!


Not the Squint but the Squinch! I know you might say this is ridiculous - but it works! Here’s how… Instead of squinting where you use your top eyelid to close your eyes a little, try engaging the muscles of your lower eyelids instead and don’t let the top one move. When you pose, try to replicate that look on some of your images, even in non-smiling shots. The result will be a more approachable, happier look, even when you're not actually smiling.

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Great posture goes a long way in making you look happier, healthier, more fit and more confident. Make sure your spine is straight but not stiff and unnatural. a good rule to think of is to imagine a string on the back/top of the head getting pulled up. Smile with your Eyes Gives a natural curve look on your lumbar (lower back) and straight spine.

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Posture starts from the legs, even if you're wearing a gown that completely conceals your legs, don't forget to pay attention to them. Never just stand there with an even leg, either bend one knee (even the littlest bit) so you don't look stiff or cross your ankles at your calves to elongate your legs and make your hips appear narrower. Love your legs


Last and most important tip is to have fun, laugh and be you. It is the happiest day of your life, you looking gorgeous as heck in that gown, hair and make up done, having all your friends and loved ones around and marrying your soulmate. Cant get any better than that! With a mindset like this your photos will look amazing and your photographer will be able to capture the essence of your special day.

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All of the photos are owned and photographed by

Jay Andrino | Lightzone Photography

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