COVID-19 Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

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CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has finally made landfall in the US and is starting to impact everything. Just got done watching the news right now and i know you are also a little bit alarmed by it.

In the wedding industry, there have been delays for gowns and decor and other supplies that are coming from overseas. Some of your wedding vendors may be doing video meetings to make things easier for you and safer for all.

I wanted to make sure you have the tools to move forward with your wedding. Whether, your wedding date is just around the corner, the fall or not until next year.

I know you might have some questions right now so I have gathered a few FAQ for you so you can get ahead of the game without it affecting your big day.

Q - What if my wedding day is affected by a restriction on size or location?

The news headlines will tell you that some more significant social gatherings have been banned or urged to postpone depending on location. For couples with guests coming to the US for your wedding, there's a chance they may be restricted from entering the country. Some of my couples who didn't have a wedding planner on their team have reached out for some names, so they have an industry expert helping them navigate uncertain times. I'd be more than happy to share some names with you as well if you need it; just shoot me an email.

Q - What happens if a lot of our guests are unable to make it?

Some of my couples have immunocompromised or elderly guests that have planned to attend their special day. Sadly, for their safety they may have to make the hard decision not to be at your wedding, or choose to see your wedding via live stream instead. Smaller weddings are just as sweet, and with great photographs, you will have something to share with them. Some venues are going above and beyond, creating a plan to live stream weddings for the guests who unable to make it.

Q - What happens if one of my wedding vendors is ill or has been asked to quarantine?

I urge all of my couples with upcoming weddings to communication with their wedding vendors. Many vendors have been proactive and send out emails to their couples to go over contingency plans. If someone on your all-star wedding team is a solo business owner, they should have a plan in place for dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

Q - What if my wedding venue has to close?

It's never too early to start the conversation now with your wedding venue so you can be up to date with any significant changes they may choose to make. Many venues have been very accommodating, so don't hesitate to open up communication channels with them. It's a great idea to review the contract with your venue to get the cancellation clauses or hopefully reschedule it for you.

Q - What if my wedding gown arrival is supposed to be delayed?

A huge percentage of wedding gowns are made overseas in China – Yes even designer gowns! Pick up the phone and call your bridal salon about options. Ask about floor samples. There are also many options for closeout and redesigned gowns, so try not to panic.

Q - What if we have to postpone our wedding due to being sick?

This is where previously reading your contract and being aware of what it says about rescheduling will be helpful. If you're still not sure, reach out to your vendors and ask what their policies are about rescheduling.

Q- Should we get insurance, and will it cover coronavirus?

I think wedding insurance is a great thing to have because it does cover many things; however, most wedding insurers have stated they would NOT cover coronavirus related wedding issues.

Now what?

There's no doubt it's imperative to get married. While your plans may have to change, your wedding day can still be perfect because you get to marry the love of your life. It's a good idea to visit the Centers for Disease Control website regularly to stay up to date since things are changing rapidly.

How can we stay calm in the storm?

I'm a big fan of finding balance, especially in uncertain times, let's stay calm and face the storm one day at a time. My prayers are with you all! And please let me know if I can be of any assistance during this time.

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